This is an initiative by IEEE, VIT for coding enthusiasts. Students can join to improve their programming abilities and logical thinking. It helps develop the skills required to crack the competitive coding rounds and interviews.This is the platform especially for the IEEE students to improve their coding abilities.

Here you’ll be taught and given real coding experiences through various coding challenges and competitions held on regular basis.

Their will be coding competition each week for the students where they’ll be made to think on the challenging problems and compete with other students of the club.

To those interested a project will be given as well on the basis domain of their choice.

Topics covered by this club:

For FY Students:

In C, C++ and python:

  • Algorithms, if…else, loops, arrays, strings, functions, pointers, recursion, structures, file handling and much more!


  • Data structures in C and Java basics

Our aim is to create programmers out of students and prepare them to tackle any challenge with ease!

The main advantages of joining our coding club are :

  • Problem statements will be given daily, and solutions will be discussed by the end of the day.

  • Weekly sessions for teaching and problem solving will be conducted

  • Participation as a team for online coding competitions and hackathons

  • Domain related projects will be allocated to students