Python Workshop

Code-along workshop with focus on hands-on implementation, and to learn Computational Thinking skills. Keep your schedule light on 28th and 29th February and join us to learn and create!

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This competition is 3 hour long and is conducted on Hackerrank. This competition is perfectly tailored for all those who love to indulge into logic-based puzzles and coding and want to test their problem-solving skills. It comprised of problems set by Exe-com members of IEEE which consisted 4 problems with the perfect combination of varying difficulty levels.

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Guest Lectures

Feature Selection in Python

Do you want to learn some cool techniques and find out how to select the BEST features for your next machine learning model? Do you want to see your model accuracy shoot up? Then you've come to the right place. Watch this video to find out how you can do this. Subscribe for the more amazing content on Machine learning and Data Science!

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Data Science

At present, systems are loaded with huge amount of data every second, to make a useful derivation out of it data science comes into play. Data science continues to evolve as one of the most promising and in-demand career paths and has become a necessary asset which is present in almost all organisations. IEEE VIT SB dedicated a whole month for Data Science workshop known as “Data Science Month.”

Competitive Coding

Think, code, strive- this is what competitive coding is all about. Mastering the art of thinking is the impeccable output of competitive coding. Today’s programming world is a race between coders striving to build better programs every step of the way. IEEE SB VIT encourages competitive coding and provides a platform by hosting events such as Codebash and IEEE Xtreme.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are integral parts of any industry consisting of collection and analyzation of data with the main motive of insight generation. IEEE SB VIT created a YouTube playlist of Machine Learning starting from scratch for young minds to dive deeper into the world of Machine learning and its algorithms.

Web Development

Web development consists of various intricate parts of creating a fully functional website with hints of pretty frontend layouts. It builds a foundation for almost every domain making it highly significant. IEEE SB VIT conducted a Full Stack Web Development workshop divided in two halves including frontend and backend development giving rise to brilliant web developers.


21st century holds the magic of robotic world with endless number of things to discover. Robotics with the union of other domains has and will continue to make the world a fantastic place. IEEE SB VIT proved its versatility by organising the Brain Computer Interface seminar which created a drive and fascination among the attendees.

Cyber Security

For every vulnerable information there is someone out there creating cyber threats. Cybersecurity is an essential component of any business or enterprise- protects computers, systems and applications from unauthorized access, change and destruction of data. IEEE SB VIT gives a strong emphasis on Cybersecurity and organized webinars and workshops to help the students secure themselves.